Worst Ideas for Protecting Your Roof

Because most people are encouraged to stay indoors, more and more people become bored that hey notice the flaws in their homes, and this include their roof and some damages and issues that they think need to be addressed. What they fail to notice is there are things that we do, which are highly damaging to our roof, and we sometimes do this on a regular basis and fail to address these habits, although what we have in mind are the best interest to maintain and clean our roof regularly. This is why it is important to call professional like a roofing company because you might end up calling for a  new roof installation in Caen.  




Here, on this website, we will share with you some of the things that we do to protect our roof that are damaging and ruinous to our roof.  


  1. We use pressure hoses on a regular cleaning 

We understand that some circumstances and conditions necessitate us to use pressure water and hoses especially when we see some molds or moss. Unless you know very well the techniques on how to use pressure hoses and when to use it, you will be creating more damage to your roof even in spite of removing all the dirt, moss, and molds. You need to check your roof material and ask the manufacturer of their recommended cleaning method.  


2. No trees maintenance 

The problem is when we do not maintain our trees is twice as damaging as we think. Aside from you are letting the disease spread on the other parts of the trees by not removing and cutting them immediately, you are also creating chances on branches falling off your roof that could create potential roof damage or even compromise your safety.  


3. Not maintaining the gutters and drains 

During the rainy season and/ storm there would be more water that could go and flow to your gutters and drains. If you fail to maintain and clean these two, there is a tendency that you will end up having faster roof deterioration due to the moisture and water leakage.  


4. DIY cleaning methods and solutions 

A lot of people now want to save money and so they make their own cleaning solutions as well as improvise method and substitute the appropriate tools and equipment. What they do not realize is that maintaining your roof can be a bit delicate and sensitive. When you use too many chemicals, and hazardous tools and equipment, you will be creating more damage as they weaken the materials that make up your roof.  


5. DIY repairs and installations 

A lot of people are really fascinated with the idea of doing their own projects, repairs, and replacements. While it can save you some dollars, it can be counterproductive as you might create further damage due to lack of experience, lack if skills, and lack of appropriate gears and materials – and failures in repairs and installations entails expensive repair costs. Also, accidents could happen and you might also induce injuries to yourself and other people which can lead to expensive medical treatments.  


Final thoughts 

It is important to maintain our roof to avoid further damage, and I you see signs of ruins, do not worsen it by DIYs. Call a professional help as soon as you can.