Aid and Awarding from D2Care

One of our organization's objectives is to provide "resources and funding" to help deaf dogs in need. In order to fulfill this purpose, we have funds set aside to help pay for transport costs, non-routine vet care, and other non-routine rescue costs for deaf dogs.

The Aid Committee sets the criteria and makes decisions on allocation. Both individuals and rescues/shelters can apply, but both the number of awards per year and the total award amount are limited for each.

Because we are a very new (and still growing) organization, our funds at this time are usually quite limited. (Make a donation, or consider joining, and help us to help more deaf dogs in need!) While we may want to help every application, we are not always going to be able to do so.

Nonetheless, applications can be requested from the Aid Committee, and we will do our best to help as we are able.