Naama & Tara

Loved by T. E. Houston

Naama Sitting

Naama is the prick eared girl, my first deafie. Naama had been a guest of the Sacramento City Animal shelter, owner surrender, more likely because she did not mind or seemed untrainable to the previous owners. What so struck me so how attentive she was when checking her out. She ignored all her kennel mates to watch me. So, I ended up adopting her. By the end of that weekend, I realized she was deaf! I was already using hand signals for my performance dog, so just added that to working with Naama. Naama was like a sponge, she soaked up everything, attentive, eager, and just plain fun to work with.

Tara came from the Pinole animal shelter in the Bay area, a plea from another rescuer to help if possible. Tara is my ball obsessed girl! She will chase that ball all day I think!

Tara Watching

Both girls are fun to work with, they know the hands "speak", they are always "checking-in" when out in the dog yard, they will come when "called", and both love to go for rides in the truck, always ready for adventures!

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