Roofers of Paris has been providing that best-quality service that most of the people need, and this demand has been growing as people tend to notice signs of roof damage due to harsh weather exposure, more pollutants in the air, and more.

Some of the homeowners now tend to choose to repair or make small replacement of their roof on their own by just following some instructions that they see on YouTube, and this is what they call Do-It-Your Own. While some people might think that this is a good idea as it” might” save you some dollars, and provide you an avenue to learn about roof maintenance, most experts would recommend calling al professional help. However, before you call a professional, it also imperative to know some of the potential elements that could damage your roof so you can do some necessary interventions for your asphalt singles roof

1.Rain and water

Generally, asphalt shingles are made to withstand rain and water, and they are super durable said his natural element. However, not all things are lasting, and if you are living in a region where there is constant rain you need to be aware of it as it can damage your roof quickly as it should. If it is left unnoticed and unattended, the rain ad water would penetrate inside your house, causing some leaks,

2.Ice and snow

When the temperature drops, there come snow and ice, and they can potentially block the drainage of the water and this can cause dampness and leakage eventually.


Of course, asphalt shingles are made to withstand normal wind. However, depending on the speed and force of the wind, the shingles may wear out eventually leading to roof damages. Also, in rare cases, winds can lift up your shingles if they are strong enough to break the foundation built for shingles.


When there is poor ventilation in your house, specifically your attic, this might cause your roof to accumulate water until it becomes damp. Dampness is a major factor that attracts molds and other microorganisms that could eat away your house and roof.

5.Trees and leaves

Most people would tell you that it is important to trim your trees especially when they are near your house. While it is true that cutting and trimming your trees provide health benefits for them as you will be remaining diseased and infected part of their branches and stopping the disease, you are also preventing the incident of having some branches falling off your roof that might create issues and damage through its impact.

Also, the leaves that are accumulated on the roof can cause gradual damage to your roof. The leaves would eventually decay and this might also create dampness on the area of decay. The moisture on the leaves causes the roof to deteriorate over time, causing further issues like mold growth, leading to potential issues.

Final thoughts

You see, there are many natural elements that could deteriorate and damage your roof over time, and this entails regular maintenance in your side to prevent these damages and issues