D2Care Presidents Update 3/31/08

March 31st, 2008 by Katrina McGinnis

D2Care Presidents Update

It seems appropriate that on this last day of March, that I send out an update. So here goes: 

Many of you are aware that we received a general grant from Petco. This is a huge bonus for us and gave us that extra boost we needed to start fulfilling our mission.Because of this grant, we have begun to award funds to rescues and individuals who have deaf dogs in need. Late last year, we sent funds to a rescue for a fencing project for a disabled dog park. This year, we have provided funds to help in the vet care of two very special Great Dane puppies. We have been contacted by a Great Dane rescue in the Rocky Mountains and will be sending funds for a Dane in need of eye surgery. And we are currently evaluating a third request. (not a Dane this time ) 

D2Care has also been in the news. Last year, our Vice President, Lori was interviewed about our affiliation with the Dog Lovers Wine Club by the Sacramento Bee in California. Shortly after, because of the Sacramento Bee article, the Woodland Democrat interviewed me and my interview made front page news. The article was entitled “No Deaf Ears Here”. However, because the article is now archived, I can not provide a link. Well, I can provide a link to the archives page, but you will have to pay for accessing it. So, if you would like a copy, please e-mail me at Katrina@d2care.org with your name and address and I will make a copy and mail the copy to you. 

Speaking of Dog Lovers Wine Club, be sure to check out the affiliates page. We now have 17 affiliates listed, and a couple more to add. If you know of an organization that has an affiliate or associate program, and think that D2Care should contact them, please let me know or Lori at lori@d2care.org. When individuals purchase products from the affiliates via the website, D2Care receives a percentage of the sales. 

We had our third Members meeting on March 16. We had 22 members attend, which provided us with our needed quorum. For those that were able to attend, the Board sends a huge thank you. During that meeting, we had a major technical problem with the chat room so had to adjourn before the agenda was completed, but we were able to establish the first Bylaws committee. This group of 2 Board Members and 3 Members will work to review some language in some of the Articles. Yes, as hard as we worked on the Bylaws, once put into practice, we found the glitches. Now this committee will work to smooth those out. 

We have established a new committee. This is the Public Relations and Fundraisers Committee. Monica Kaskey is the Chair. The committee is charged with developing promotional materials for the organization and provides support using the promotional materials for fundraisers. 

As always, we are looking for more members for each of our committees. Currently the committees of D2Care are:

  • Adopt-A-Dog (the courtesy profiles for deaf dogs in need of homes)
  • Membership (Liaison committee between the members and the board)
  • Grants (writing and applying for grants to help fund D2Care mission)
  • Merchandise and Marketing (development of merchandise and marketing of said merchandise)
  • Web (assist the webmaster in formatting, design and maintenance of the website)
  • Bylaws (review the Bylaws for identified areas of question)
  • PR and Fundraisers (development of promotional materials and fundraisers)
  • Funding (developing the framework for award D2Care funds to rescues and individuals with deaf dogs in need)

Our Merchandise and Marketing Committee announced the sales of our first “special” just this month. There are two more days to get your order in before the sale ends. Go to http://www.d2care.org/supportus/merch.php to order. There is a member’s discount, so if you had a momentary thought of joining, this might be a good time to think about it again.

President, D2Care