Joining D2Care

Thank you for joining D2Care. Before you proceed, please take a moment to learn more about the business details. Our Bylaws are posted on this website, and Article V covers Membership. There you will find the specific details of your rights, responsibilities, and the privileges that come with your membership. If you would like to know more, please see Why Join D2Care.

Please note that Delaware law requires that our membership list be made available to other Members upon request (see Article IX - Section C. Members' Inspection Rights, for the safeguards in place regarding this request). The information given out will be limited to your name and email address. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please check "opt out of membership list" on the form.

This form uses a cookie to keep track of your place in the form. None of your personal information is stored on it, and it will be removed on the last page of the form.

Now for the fun stuff!

Your first decision is whether to join with an Individual or Family Membership. An Individual Membership has one vote and is $15.00 USD. A Family Membership has two votes (18 years of age or older to vote) and is $25.00 USD. Once we have the contact information for your membership choice, there are 2 short surveys (one about you and one about your dogs) and an option to make a donation with your membership that can be bypassed, and then payment options. It's very important that you follow the directions all the way to the last page, or we may have trouble processing your membership application.


Join with an Individual Membership or a Family Membership.